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Re: HTC ONE part 2
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

To follow up, I just called CS and they told me my discount does not apply to all accessories anymore, some of which I had purchased in the past.

For example, a WEMO switch and a Jawbone Jambox. I had purchased both of these items in the past with the discount, but that discount is no longer available on these items. However, my discount is available on the armband you showed in your screenshot. I suppose they were losing too much money when giving out a 35% discount on the more expensive accessories.

Re: HTC ONE part 2

UgXvibe: Thanks for the information on low light problem. When you first mentioned it I pointed the camera at an absolute darkness and could see how the screen gradually saturated to purple! Never bothered me since last night I wanted to get a night shot. My friend's Iphone 5 worked much better due to the same problem. This becomes bothering at outside night scenes.

I will contact their customer service for this issue to have a footstep on my file! I'm not sure to ask for a replacement either, not sure if they change it with a certified or new in this case!?

Re: HTC ONE part 2
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The boom box speaker, and blutooth high end ear piece and everything is still coming up at 25% off.

I would guess since NYS just upped the contract to 2017 the discounts were not removed or adjusted.

Then again Verizon would be taking on the Attorney Generals Office let alone having their service removed or suspended which as you know is gazillions of dollars to Verizon. Then agencies have to swap out to AT&T or Sprint or T-Mobile.

So the discounts will continue. until 2017 at least.

Sorry you lost yours. its a bummer.