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HTC ThunderBolt - Was ICS an Upgrade or Downgrade?

I was involved in a previous discussion regarding the ThunderBolt's recent downgrade to the ICS operating system.  However, I see that that discussion is now locked.  Not sure who locked it, or why.

Anyone reading this post that is unsatisfied with the recent forced download by HTC America and/or Verizon Wireless should go file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission [ ] and the Federal Communications Commission [ ].  Both have online complaint forms that can easily be filled out and submitted, then they allow you to print out a "reciept" showing that you filed the complaint.

After several hours of being on the phone with both Verizon Wireless and HTC America, I finally came to the conclusion that neither company really seems to care what I, the customer, thinks or feels about this issue.  I have filed a complaint against both companies with both entities above, and am pursuing a class action lawsuit - that is to say that I have appointments with attorneys in my area to discuss my options and possibly file a lawsuit in federal court.  Should I end up going this route, I will post any and all pertinent information so others can join the suit.  That is, if Verizon Wireless doesn't delete this post because they don't want the word spread around that these actions are being taken against them and HTC America in an effort for us consumers to stand up for ourselves and our rights.

I have created an e-mail address specifically for this issue.  If anyone wishes to join me, please e-mail me at >Email address deleted. Personal or not, email addresses are not to be posted. In addition, using a Verizon Wireless owned website/forum to for your purpose will not be allowed<  I will be happy to forward anything you send me to any attorney that I may discuss the case with.  Site moderator, please leave this e-mail address in tact, as it is set up specifically for this Community Page.  There is no personal information attached to the e-mail address.

>Thread will be locked<

Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator