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HTC rezound will not hold charge while cable is plugged in. (*new battery*)

I have had the rezound for over a year now and around christmas time I was having problems with my battery not charging properly. I recently bought a new battery thinking that the battery was bad. Well it still did the same thing. I would plug in the cable at night the orange light would come on and the lightning bolt would come on saying its charging. I would wake up the next morning and the battery would be in the yellow or even in the red. sometimes the phone would shut off completely. Then I found out that if I put my phone in "airplane mode" it would charge up or just stay at the percentage when i plugged in the cord. Ive tried multiple charging cords to see if that was the problem and its not. Now that i have been dealing with the situation for over half a month now putting it in "airplane mode" will not charge the phone anymore or hold the charge. Now I do not have insurance on the phone and the htc warranty is out of date as i said before that ive had the phone for only a year. The sales clerk at verizon said that if i can prove the phone is in working conditon (im able to send texts messages or call from the phone) that i am eligible for I believe what she said was a 2 week warranty to be able to get the phone fixed. Because she said what the problem sounds like is the charging port in the phone has gone bad. Now is this true? or is she just bullsh***ing me just to try to get more money out of me or is there something i can do to fix the port myself? please i really need help soon because i leave for basic training in the army Feb.4th. so i can get this phone fixed asap.