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I don't receive texts half the time

It started out as one day I received a text, sent a reply a minute later, and didn't receive one back. I thought my boyfriend ran out of time on his break and didn't get a chance to respond. Usually he texts me when he gets out of work, and later that day I got no text. Hours passed and still no text, so I called and he said he had sent me quite a few texts throughout the day, that I never got. I restarted my phone, and I could get texts again, but none of the ones that were already sent. A few days later, it happened again. So I restarted my phone, blah blah blah. Now it's happening every few hours. It just comes without warning. I'll be having a conversation with someone just fine, and minutes later I won't be able to receive texts, though I can send them just fine. It doesn't matter where I am, It still happens. Would getting a new messaging app like Handcent fix it, or am I pretty much screwed with this phone?

Re: I don't receive texts half the time
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Good Afternoon shelby.bigelow,

I know the importance of receiving messages from loved ones. I would like to ask some probing questions and offer recommendations. Are the message difficulties only happening with certain numbers? Are the numbers with Verizon Wireless service? Do you have problems receiving calls from these numbers as well? Is it just text messages or pictures as well? Are you using the factory messaging app?

  • I recommend deleting the message threads and try to start with a new thread for each number to see if it changes.
  • Please try to send messages to yourself to see if you can receive them on a consistent basis.
  • Please run the device in safe mode to see if additional apps may be causing the problem.

I hope this information is helpful. If the problems persist, we will review additional options such as a factory reset.




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