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Issues with General Connectivity

I just got my Thunderbolt yesterday, and I love it, but it is not connecting in any way to data. I have Wi-Fi at home, but it starts to connect, but then disconnects. And I have tried to connect it to the Mobile Network, and it connects, and I go to check the weather, and it is no longer connected. I wasn't having issues yesterday, but I am today. I don't know what to do from here, and any help would be appriciated! I turned it off and on again, and that didn't help.

Re: Issues with General Connectivity
If you just got the phone I would return it as fast as you can and get something else. Read this forum, the thunderbolt is fast when it works but geting it to work it the trick.
Re: Issues with General Connectivity
Verizon Employee

Hi steelerchick07,

I understand your connectivity concerns; I'd be frustrated if my phone couldn't access the data network. I recommend trying a few things before you consider returning your device:

1 - Ensure data is enabled.

2 - Enable data roaming (no roaming charges while in the United States).

3 - Reset data connection and reprogram phone by removing/reinserting SIM card.

I trust that the above steps will restore your data connection. Please keep us posted.


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Re: Issues with General Connectivity

I have my second Thunderbolt, since the first one didn't work right at all. Had to take it back and get a  second one.

We were promised 4 g soon and never got it, Still on 3g although paying for it.  Now am having connectivity issues, by that I mean am off line with it more than online. Also noted that a lot of stuff has been taken off.

Even though our bill was paid at the store, on time every month, I would be in the middle of a phone call and get interrupted  by a voice message asking me if I would like to make a payment now, even though stating I had a zero balance. What's with that?

I have my internet service through Verizon as well and since  beginning of December  have been getting disconnected every  few minutes. Can never complete  anything with out this happening. We have told them over and over about this and all they do is is say, "That's not right".

Come on Verizon we gave been a customer for many yrs. (altell before you took over) , Pay &176 a month for 2 phones and the net, and all we get is lies and be told nothing is wrong... Give me a break. We are in Texas, so tell me there's no problem.  Very angry customer.