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Latest Update ("Mecha") FAIL, Want Data Charge Refund
I received my brand new Thunderbolt last week and everything was going just fine, loved it even. Yes, I had the slight radio issues where the signal would drop which was easily fixed by typing *#*#4636#*#* and changing the connection method to CDMA Auto (PRL). I was sitting pretty.

Now in comes a software update that was supposed to "fix" the problem. I download the update, phone restarts. Then my camera wouldn't work and my battery would fry half-way in 10 minutes. According to the forums and Twitter posts, tech support is suggesting to factory reset, then send in your phone if that doesn't work so they can exchange your brand new phone for a refurbished used one... With the same update preinstalled so your phone will have the same problems.

I did the factory reset and was happy to see my camera come back to life and moderate problems with the battery frying. What I didn't appreciate was how I can't do _anything_ with the Market, including restoring my apps, updating the apps that are already installed, or just literally anything dealing with the Market other than looking at the apps that are useless to me after the recent Mecha update.

So seems that, God forbid, you can get the update "fix" uninstalled -- as it flashed the ROM itself -- and you can't reload the factory ROM because HTC locked it down... My phone is now no better than the 99 cent candybar phones that are sold. I mean, those have cameras and can call phones, that's all I can do with my phone now.

Therefore, seems I can't use the "smart" part of my phone due to the failed update that was probably never tested, and it seems that Verizon is not going to send an update before the Gingerbread update is ready near July, I'm wondering when I'm going to get my on-going waiver of the $30 per month unlimited data charge when I can no longer use it because of _your_ update.