Light Leaks and reboots on CLNR.
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So my new phone per the great policy was replaced with a refurb. That seems fair. The refurb I noticed has light leaks and the screen appears like it its not tightly sealed all the way around.


A replacement is on the way but not before the nice verizon rep that told me the only way the screen would be loosing adhesiveness, since I did not notice if it was like this from day one, 25 days ago, is humidity or water damage.. Yeah for three weeks I have been watching my mom die, now that is out of the way, i have time to focus on all things thunderbolt... I should be aware of the details of my refurb junk. I am now aware at their discretion they will decide to arbitrarily charge me for something I did not do.  Because adhesives or humans who rebuild these things never fail. Only the user, I guess


Better believe the next one I guess I will need to fine tooth comb it on day one. I was going with the assumption of quality. I was wrong

 Rooms to Go does the same thing... We had 3 month old furniture with cushions starting to break down. Did rooms to go say we were sitting on them to hard, maybe they might suggest at 170 pounds I lose some weight as I am 6' 1" and a guy.  No rooms to go replaced 3000 dollars worth of furniture with NEW furniture.  Rooms to go replaced it with a different model, style, etc... since the first did not meet expectations.  They delivered that new set tuesday of this week. 



All sarcasm aside, my mother did pass, rooms to go did replace my furniture, and I am waiting to see if I get charged for something I did not do to a defective phone because I did not notice the slight lifting of the screen the day the sub par replacement arrived... 


Reading is fundamental and I will only be a verizon customer until this contract expires... There 14 day new replacement policy for sub par equipment is a disservice for the millions of dollars they receive from hard working folks like you and I.  

Two companies. One sells 3000 dollar items replaces with no questions. One sells 500 dollar items and continues to make 1500 a year off of thorough recurring billing and gives you junk replacements... Some business model.





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Most couches you buy have a 1 time replacement due to body sag or whatever reason. Try to get another one...

Electronics work different. Your playstation goes out, you're not getting a brand new xbox as a replacement..
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Hello kballard72,


I know how frustrating it must've been for you to experience issues with your device.  Please let us know if you experience any difficulties with your replacement. We are always here to assist.