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Multiple issues with my One! Nightmare!

I'm having a terrible experience with this phone and I'd like to see what can be done, or if anybody is having similar issues.

I purchased the phone about a month ago from an authorized reseller. A couple weeks in, and I noticed my camera wasn't focusing on anything far away. I took it to a store and they told me to call customer support. Understandable.

I called them up, and they sent out a replacement. Got it in a day or two, took it out, and it wouldn't turn on. It just comes up with some scary looking menu. Took it to a store again to see if I was just being stupid, but they said I needed a new phone. A little irriated here.

Onwards to phone number 3- shipped overnight. Got it, started using it, but then I noticed the power button was very hard to press compared to my first phone. It was recessed into the phone, not raised in any way. You really have to dig your finger in to hit it. Called them yet again, overnighted another replacement. Getting more frustrated.

Now we're up to phone number 4... aand same issue with the power button. Called them up again, spoke to a supervisor this time, and he explicitly told me I was going to get a brand new, never used, factory fresh phone. He also noticed that all my previous phones were being shipped from a warehouse in Texas, and he offered to send me one from California to see if it was just a bad batch. Overnighted that one too. I thought all was well, until....

Phone number 5. Power button still recessed, but this time there's a nice gap between the plastic and metal of the phone. Stickers everywhere saying "LIKE-NEW CERTIFIED REPLACEMENT", not the new phone I was promised. Barely fits into my case because the phone's thicker due to the gap. Really fed up now.

Called them again (loosing track of how many times), first rep I spoke too said the supervisor never mentioned anything about a new phone. On top of that, they refused to send out anything but another "like-new certified replacement", despite the countless issues I've been having with that. Even better, they couldn't even send one out because I had too many phones out. I have to wait one week for the phones to reach their warehouse in order to get one sent out.

This is just unreal. Five phones, all defective, and two weeks without getting a working one. Unacceptable for a top-tier phone like this. Now I'm stuck with the one that has the messed-up power button and a huge gap around the device for another week until they can send out what is presumed to be another messed-up one based on my prior experiences.

Anybody have anything like this, similar issues, prior experiences, anything? I could really use a hand right now, I'm at a loss of words.