My TBolt shut down 3 times
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Since nobody at VZW can figure it out, maybe someone out there can. My phone in addition to several other issues that we all have, why after it reboots (3 times today) does it duplicate my pictures every time it decides to reboot, another set of the same pics, I have 3 of all my pics. Here is the best part, if you delete one of the duplicates the remaining of the same pic wont open.... Any Ideas? Cant wait till contract up so I can burn this phone.  Thanks VZW for your support... The tech/sales dude at store couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag...

Re: My TBolt shut down 3 times

It soundes like to me that you may have a stray app causing reboot issue because mostly the rebooting issue on the TB has been resolved for many...  

Now as for the ohotos duplicating are you sure you are seeing the diffrent groups of photos that is actually showing the same photo?  The gallery usually shows the photo in its location and also there is a group that shows all photos that will show the same image there but it is simply a shortcut to the original.  This would explain why when you deleted the image the other wouldnt open.

Next time try clearing the data for the gallery (Settings / Applications / Manage  Applications / All Tab / Gallery / Clear Data and see if when the gallery rebuilds the list the issue is stil there.