My htc rezound keeps updating software.

Hi. This morning i was going to update my app.
and then the system didn't allow it.
so i tried to find the way to enable it in Setting.
Then i accidentally clicked Update Software --> Check Status.
After that, the phone started to function really weirdly.

Whenever i clicked the Home / Return buttons, the screen will show "Loading..."
and the HTC logo with the white background appeared 2 secs later.
Then it would go back to my home page.
I tried to restart or shut down my phone couples of times.
It didn't work

PS My phone is a reconditioned from the insurance company


My htc rezound keeps updating software.
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Which app were you trying to update?  The Rezound has a system update that should be pushing out, but it's small and shouldn't affect much.

Re: My htc rezound keeps updating software.
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Hello Forum,

I appreciate your inquiry and assistance in this matter. There was a software update that began to be pushed out on February 19th for the HTC Rezound. I believe the phone may have been trying to install the update during this time. Information regarding the software update can be found here:

If you have further questions or concerns regarding the HTC Rezound please feel free to bring them to our attention.

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