Not receiving text messages and moving so slow

Hi everyone I have a HTC Thunderbolt and since the ice cream sandwich upgrade in February i am not receiving all of my text messages. A lot of people keep telling me they are messaging me and I am not receiving them, or we will be having a whole conversation via text and certain messages just won't come through.  I will also start a new text and never get a reply I was starting to think people were ignoring me. I turned the phone off, taken the battery out more then 10 times and nothing is working. Help! I mainly text so I sucks when it is not working properly.

The phone in general is also moving so slow there is always a delay every time i choose an app or go from panel to panel etc... Its overall irritating to where i want to throw my phone against a wall.  I have never felt that way ever.

Re: Not receiving text messages and moving so slow
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The software update is suppose to be an exciting time for customers in which they receive new features on their devices. I understand that it is imperative to have a functioning device. Most communcation these days is done through text messaging, to have messaging working is a must. Please follow the instructions below to help clear the partition which will help resolve your messaging concerns.

1)Power the phone off
2)While holding the volume down key, briefly press power to start the device and continue holding volume down as it starts up.
3)Release volume down when you get to the HBOOT screen.
4)Use the volume keys to highlight ¿recovery¿ then press power button to select it.
5)You`ll get to a screen with a red triangle with an exclamation point.
6)Press volume up and then power.
7)Use volume keys to highlight "wipe cache partition" and then press power to select it.
8)Use volume keys to select "reboot system now."
9)The customer should be able to open up their messages at this point after the phone comes back on.

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