Outlook Meeting Request Doesn't Show Proposed Date/Time
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I have my TB sync'd to my employers Exchange Server. Email / Contacts / Calendar items all sync without problems. However, when someone sends me an Outlook Meeting Request,  it arrives as an email asking me to Accept or Decline the meeting. Only thing is, the Date / Time of the meeting is not shown. The meeting name is shown, the date / time it was sent is shown but I have no idea when the meeting is scheduled. I've looked at all of the Menu options to see if I can somehow see more, but nothing helps. I've also gone to the proposed date in my Calendar and it's not shown (I had to get on my work laptop to see when it was scheduled).

When I look at the Meeting Request on my laptop computer hooked to the server, the meeting date and time is displayed. When I Accept the meeting from my TB it then goes into my Calendar. So I know the information is attached there somehow since it gets there after I Accept.


What gives?!?!?!


Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!

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