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PVMtServiceStart process DESTROYING battery life. NEED FIX.

This is long, but it explains my problem in extreme detail.  I'm desperate for assistance. 


At basically all hours of the day, regardless of what I am doing or have done to my HTC Thunderbolt since turning it on, a process called PVMtServiceStart is running in the background.  In a matter of 12 hours, I was absolutely shocked to find my battery life almost dead.  This program/service ate 81% of it, according to the battery usage settings page.  No wonder people are complaining about abysmal battery life.


I've come to three conclusions from searching on Google.


1) No one has any idea what this thing really is or does, but the most prevalent thought is that it has something to do with the Blockbuster application. Suggestions to update and disable automatic updates did nothing.  I've never even opened this application I don't even want.  A far less prevalent thought it that it has something to do with media syncing when the phone is plugged in to a PC.  In both cases, the assumption is that it has something to do with DRM as it's a process apparently launched by PVWmdrmService.


2) It doesn't seem to affect everyone.  Some people have had success stopping it from eating all their battery by updating the Blockbuster app, while others, including myself, have not.


3) The only way to really stop this thing is to root the phone and disable the process from ever starting.  From what I've read on forums, when the process is blocked, media syncing to a PC or Mac does not work.


What can I do to prevent this thing from draining my batter?  It is so bad that I'm going to have to take advantage of Verizon's 14 day return policy at this rate.  I have an incredibly tough time believing that one must root their phone to save their battery.  Was Verizon so concerned with squeezing more subsidies for this phone by including bloatware, that they had no regard for the consequences of battery life.  Or did Hollywood convince Verizon to install this DRM crap without any concern for the fact that it's raping the battery?  Or maybe it's part of the plan to sell more of the extra capacity batteries?  Regardless, it's absolutely ridiculous.


I feel bad for anyone who aren't as techy savvy as me to figure this out and have been wondering, "Why the hell is this battery such crap?"

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Re: PVMtServiceStart process DESTROYING battery life. NEED FIX.
Verizon Employee

The BlockBuster application is a pre-installed application that can not be removed off of the HTC Thunderbolt. To correct the issue with the battery follow the steps below:


-  Access the BlockBuster application

-  Update it in the market if it prompts you to

-  Open the application

-  Go to the settings

-  Disable all auto updates services for this application

-  If you go to Battery Management, the PVMtSS should no longer be running


Thank you,