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Picture Messages

Problem 1.  When I try to send picture messages from my Rhyme, it tries and tries, then finally says it is unable to send. Worked fine last week, but now it won't.

Problem 2. When I plug the Rhyme into my computer, it is unable to recognize this device.

Problem 3. My phone charger works, but my car charger won't fit the plug in the phone

Re: Picture Messages
Super User
Super User

1. Have you verified that you have an active 3G data connection when you are sending the picture messages.

2.  Is your phone set to "mount as disk drive" or "charge only"?  On you phone, go to settings > connect to PC > default connection type.

3.  I believe the HTC Rhyme use a microUSB port.  Is it possible that your car charger is a miniUSB charger?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Picture Messages
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Good afternoon! I apologize for the number of issues you are having.

Thank you for the great input! In order to help further, I would also like to know more information about these concerns. If you are having issues with picture messaging that you didn't have before, it could be the 3G signal/location. I recommend dialing *228 SEND, listen for instructions and choose option 2 to update the roaming list in your area.

If the Rhyme isn't being recognized by your computer, I suggest checking the same things Ann did. Also try a different USB port on your computer. Depending on your computer and set up, USB may be more better equipped to handle the disk drive option on your phone.

Did you purchase the vehicle charger with your new phone or was it from a previous device? Depending on the age of a previous device, it may be a miniUSB charger. Nowadays most utilize a universal microUSB plug for all cell phone chargers. 

I would love to ensure these issues are resolved for you quickly. Please reply back with more information if you still need assistance.

Thank you!


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