Post ICS - International data roaming broken?

I have had my HTC Rezound for about 18 months and had few if any issues.  I travel into Canada numerous times a month to see my girlfriend and have been doing this for 8 years. I have always had Data Roaming turned off because I know the charges are steep. In all this time, my bill has been a constant with only a couple dollar variations for use and these were expected.  I recently updated to ICS and things seemed to work fine.  Google Maps 6.1.0 was broken but I resolved that.   But when I got my last bill, I suddenly had an $85 data roaming charge.  I checked the phone and again, it was still set to deny roaming.

I will likely need to do a factory reset but now Verizon wants to charge me for the data that was sent without my knowing.  I know travel into Canada is not so common for most people but has anyone else experienced this?

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