RSS feeds wont update
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Anyone else having a problem with the RSS feeds not updating?  Ive tried refreshing and it just says updating on the bottom and never goes away.  I tried restarting my phone with no luck either.  Ive checked all the settings and made sure it autoupdates and is synced, but still nothing.  My phone is stuck on Monday the 22nd and my fiancee's hasnt worked since July.  Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: RSS feeds wont update
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@dysfunkshun  Thanks for posting.  The best way to resolve your issue is to follow these steps:


Go to settings> applications> manage applications> do a force stop> then clear data. 


Then, open the news app> press menu> choose settings.  Make sure "Update when opened" is checked.  Touch "Accounts & Sync"   and make sure "Sync news" is checked and "Update when opened" is checked. 


I hope this helps.  Thanks.