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Rebooting/Restarting by itself

I received my TB on March 28th (still within my 14 day 'trial period') and I had a few issues. The sms issue where my sim # was being sent out, and also issues where no one was receiving my texts and I wasn't receiving them, three days in I also had to take my phone in because my phone suddenly didn't recognize my SD card anymore; turned out the card was corrupted, so instead of making me wait to have one mailed to me the manager just replaced it (they are $149.99!). I also noticed that my phone rebooted/restarted itself 3 times that I was aware of and when I called they wanted to do a factory reset (to handle the texting issues, too) yesterday, but I was upset because we'd done this already. The customer service person said they hadn't heard of these issue with the TB so I started reading from a forum I had pulled up on my computer to assure him that it wasn't just me. So he transferred me to a technician and the tech told me to go in the store and get a new phone, since I am still within my 14 days, because if it is rebooting itself, it is a hardware issue.  So if any of you are having this issue and you are still within your trial period, call and get a new phone to possibly avoid problems down the road. I know others thought Verizon was updating their phones without notice, but that isn't the case. So far, so good, but it hasn't been a full 24 hours with this new one. I really like this phone.  If I have any other issues by Monday, I may have to switch to the iPhone 4; that is the only other phone that interests me, now. :smileysad:  I can't go back to my BB Curve and wait it out...that's just torture.