Report on GPS & Google Maps
Contributor - Level 1

Used my TB along side my Garmin 765 with precomputed route on a 5+hrs trip.  Out side of one turn the route picked by Google Navigation was identical to my precomputed route on the 765.  The TB worked flawlessly for 99% of the trip.  It never lost signal from the Satellites and was accurate with all details and was quick to come up with a re-route if necessary.  With about 19 miles to go the TB "forced close" due to an error.  I was a little disappointed in that action, however, overall I am very well pleased.  The error may have been the result of sitting on the dash in the sun for an excess of 5 hours.  Now with the TB I will not hesitate to travel without the GPS and use the TB if I need directions.


I am still :smileyvery-happy: with the TB but still have my own quirks on the operation of the TB.  I have been very lucky with this phone.