Rezound Clock Issues

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OK, I know, this is Thunderbolt forum, however VERIZON, if your LISTENING, there is no REZOUND FORUM.

Sorry, had to get that thought out there.  Moving on, I just received my Rezound last week; I upgraded from the Incredible, only because the Incredible was doing things that made me think it was going to die, maybe I should have just reset it and started from scratch, because I loved it.  The Rezound and I are becoming friends, however, this morning it played a trick on me and wakened me 1 hour early!  No, this was not me mis setting the alarm clock.  I was up and dressed and concerned about my roommate because she wasn't getting up and so I woke her.  She said my clock says..... I check other clocks and checked my phone.  My phone had reset the "home" clock to an hour ahead.  I checked the time zones to see what they said and they were correct.  I finally just restarted it and the clock was correct. 

I notice I'm needing to restart it a couple of times a day, but if I'm noticing a glitch this usually clears it.  Maybe it is just updating software?  Any suggestions?  Now, I'm not sure I trust it and frankly I'm very much in the habit of using my phone as an alarm clock.

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Re: Rezound Clock Issues
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There is too a Rezound space here.

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