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Rezound keeps shutting off

I'm having a very frustrating problem with my Rezound.  The phone just keeps shutting off while I'm surfing the web -- even when the battery power is seemingly full or near full -- and then it takes forever to get the phone to turn back on.  And most of the time, I can only get my phone to turn back on when I plug it into a wall outlet that is a Wifi location.  If I try plugging it to a wall outlet on a non-Wifi location (such as work), it just will not turn on.   The past three times this has happened, my phone has even shut off while my charger was plugged in to a wall unit and charging (AC charge).   The first time this happened, back in April, I took it a Verizon store.  They couldn't get it back to turn on so they just sent me a replacement phone.   After 20 minutes, they finally got it to come back on but they told me since they already initiated the process for the replacement phone that I should just use the replacement phone.  But the same problems keep happening.  Does indicate that I just have a bad/dying battery?   I've had this phone for about 2.5 years now.   Every time I take it into Verizon they keep saying "you know, you're eligible to upgrade to a new phone"   I'm aware of that, but I primarily only use my phone for calls, text and internet.  I'm not really interested in upgrading to anything more, I like the existing contract I have right now.  But I need to have a phone that functions and it's frustrating that it's no longer reliable.  Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there anything that can be done that doesn't involve upgrading?  Please help.