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Spec Under Screen
Enthusiast - Level 3

I Purchased a Thunderbolt last night at about 7pm at the Cool Springs Verizon in Brentwood Tennessee. This afternoon (less than 24 hours later) I discovered a spec under the glass while preparing to put on a screen protector.


I will start by saying this was a SMALL spec, about a pixel in size, and hard to see under the wrong light. I will be the first to admit this is very much on the razors edge of a trivial reason for wanting it replaced. This however should not be an issue, I absolutely should NEVER be made to feel my issue is trivial, especially by a store manager... which is exactly what happened.


That being said I will start my story. I went to my local verizon (the same Cool Springs Store) and explained there was a spec under my screen. I spoke to a sales person, who returned shortly with the manager. I was then told that the manager and 3 techs could not see the spec (my EIGHT year old saw it, so I know it is not that hard to find).


The manager then told me that the only way he would replace the device is if I used my "One Chance Exchange". What this means is that I give up my right to the 14 day return policy.


I assured the manager it was there, and asked if I went to get a magnifying glass and showed him the spec if he would reconsider this. He flatly said no. I asked "So if I show you the spec is plainly there you will still not fix this?" and he replied with a no again. Essentially what this said to me was very simple, it did not matter if there was a problem, because he felt my issue was trivial he would make my life difficult.


I left and called *611 before I got into my car and within about 3 minutes I had a tech willing to send me a new phone. During this conversation I noticed that in the daylight the spec was as plain as could be, and after a few minutes got the manager to come outside and look. He came outside, glanced at my phone, and claimed not to see it. I got the impression I was not worth his time.


Sometime during all this he did explain to me that if he exchanged the device, he would not be able to sell it as new and his store would loose money... this really aggravated me. Since when should that change the fact that there is an issue?


I have NEVER EVER walked into a verizon and been made to feel like my problem was trivial. I have been going to this exact store for years, and this kind of thing really was unimaginable until today, I am not sure if they are under new management, but if they are, I hope it is short lived.

Re: Spec Under Screen
Master - Level 3
You say you noticed it the next day? That leads me to believe that the "spec" appeared while it was under your possession, not Verizon's. Is it dust? Or an actual pixel that's out? If it's a piece of dirt or dust, I can't imagine you would actually expect Verizon to replace it for that. You don't seem to get just how much money they would lose if they had to replace your phone for this issue (which, honestly, is not an issue. It sounds like your own OCD or something) The VZW rep was correct in saying that they would not be able to sell it as new once you replace it. They would have to sell it as a pre-owned or refurbished device, losing them LOTS of money, not to mention the money it would cost to give you a brand new one. If you have to specifically look for this "spec" that is not an issue. You really can't expect Verizon to replace a phone because it got dust under the screen.