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TTS not working in Rezound ICS

Since the update, the TTS function no longer works. I'm using SVOX and downloaded IVONA just to see if it was SVOX that was the problem. It doesn't appear to app specific as neither works. I'm also having problems with Wifi turning itself off, apps uninstalling themselves and random bluetooth issues when connected to headsets or speakers. All things considered I find few advantages and several disadvantages to this upgrade. I had similar problems when Verizon updated the Droid X that required a "fix" update that took several weeks. I wish they would stop updating phones with buggy upgrades. I'd rather wait until they have one that works.

Re: TTS not working in Rezound ICS
Customer Support

Hey tamole,

Wow! It seems like we have a few issues on our hands here! I am sorry that TTS isn't working. I know I use it a lot on my phone for anything handsfree. The problem that you are having may be your microphone and the way that it communicates with the application, thus a hardware issue. Also, the issues with wi-fi and bluetooth may be hardware related as they may turn on or off if the antenna internally is damaged. Did you have any water damage to the phone or was it dropped? What I would recommend is putting the device into Safe Mode to make sure it wasn't anything software or application related. Please follow these steps:

1. With the device powered down, press the power key.
2. Once the screen lights up (HTC is displayed), press and hold the volume down key.
3. Release the volume down key when Safe mode is displayed at the lower-left.

Uninstall any recent applications on the phone and try wi-fi, bluetooth, and TTS to see if they are working better or worse. Then as a last resort, please reset the phone.

1. From the Home screen, select All apps.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Storage
4. Select Factory data reset.
5. Check the desired erase options then select Reset phone.
6. Select Erase Everything.

For any further assistance, please contact us again!


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