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This Phone Stinks

I am having a number of issues with this phone.  First I cannot connect to the Wifi with this phone.  It continues to kick me out when I clearly have Wifi available.  Second my camera is doing some funky things when I take pictures.  I will turn the camera around to a front facing in the middle of taking pictures.  It only takes half a picture or it jumps around on me.  Also I have been taking pictures that look like ghosts are running through them or they are terrible negatives.  I am missing calls, texts, everything.  When I connect to facebook it tells me it cannot retrieve the information and then kicks me out.  Is anyone else out there having these issues? 

Re: This Phone Stinks
Customer Support

Wow respeer! That sure does sound like a lot of issues with one phone! It sounds like there may be something corrupt on the phone, so let's figure it out!

What happens when you try and connect to wi-fi? Does it do the same thing no matter which network you try and connect to (open/secure or home/public)? When did that start?

In terms of your camera, do you have any sort of third party camera or picture editing application? That may cause issues if it's not updated correctly or installed fully. I would start the phone in Safe Mode ( and keep it running for a while. This will disable all automatic applications from starting and make sure they aren't interfering with one another.

I would recommend removing any applications you aren't using or don't want. I would want to make sure you have enough memory in the phone for the default applications to run properly. Also, do you frequently power your phone off and back on? This may be why you are missing calls and texts. I might also recommend checking your software for updates ( and make sure it's up to date. Please try this and report back!


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