Thunderbolt ICS Update went fine for me.

There was no required approval, unless there was timeout prompt that most of us missed because it happened some time after midnight. I too when to check my phone alarm to make sure it was on and I saw my phone being updated.  So either the prompt timed out and took it as accepted or there was no prompt at all.    But again, I'm not really complaining about it. 

  • All of my data was there  when I checked the next day
    • Text messages
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Phone log
    • Color Notes
    • Applications (still work)
    • Games (still work)
    • Another post reminded me of the music I moved over to it... (Still there and works)
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • etc...

And I like this version over the previous version.  I really like the screenshot feature. Even though receipts and confirmations are usually emailed to us as a consumer I still prefer having a copy of the page and now I don't have to add 2nd party software usually requiring rooting or whatever to do it.  Even worse. having to wait until I'm on my computer to be able to do so.  Now when I pay for things on line I can screenshot that information because you never know... that email might not come for some reason.

I don't stay on my phone like some people (either txtmsging, tweeting, FB, listening to music or watching video).
For me it is nice to have if I NEED it.  Txtmsg is the most I use and email.  1-2 FB post a day via phone.  Music might increase because I now have a bluetooth ear plug that will play music too.

My only gripe about smartphones is the battery life. I've tuned my phone to not update constantly so really with my use the battery should last until evening with no recharging.  I'm finding my phone at  34% after 4-5 hours.  When I upgrade to the new Samsung coming out this spring I hope it will have a better battery life.