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Thunderbolt Issues - Force Close, "Out of Space", Texts Going To Wrong Person

First, I kept getting "force closure" messages and got the phone replaced twice.  Verizon updated the software as well.  Next, I get "out of space,delete messages" which I'm told is an issue that is "being worked on".   I have to hit 'Okay" to this message each time I need to read an email and this happens sometimes four times before I can actually read an email.  The latest is that my texts are appearing fine when I write, but somehow when I press send, they are being sent to the wrong person.  Verizon will not issue a refund on the phone as "it's an HTC issues, not ours".   They will, however, give me another Droid phone.  Well, I'm not sure that's the answer.  It's still a Droid system. So, where does that leave me?  I've had a highly touted phone that does many great things, only it has been filled with glitches from the beginning.  Oh well. . . .

Re: Thunderbolt Issues - Force Close, "Out of Space", Texts Going To Wrong Person
Verizon Employee

I understand the problems you are experiencing with your phone Sherry1956, I actually have the same device.


The issues you have mentioned in this post were resolved with the latest software update.  I would like for you to complete the update and please let us know how your device is working after the software update.  I'm including instructions below:


Software Update: HTC Thunderbolt


Thanks, again, for posting!