Thunderbolt - Photos not stored, nor old ones deleted; email issues since Gingerbread update

Just this past week, I've been getting the following problems:

  • Random display of "New SIM card detected"
  • New photos taken with camera will not stay in Gallery (just disappear - and are not on SD card when connected to computer)
  • Photos that are selected for deletion, will disappear for a period of time, but then reappear (whether deleted direction on phone or when connected to a computer)
  • Phone alerts:  "Cannot send Email -email settings incorrect" 

The only changes are:

  • Update to Gingerbread via Verizon
  • Use of extended battery

I've downloaded SDrescan and this doesn't seem to help.


Can someone help me with this???  I've already lost several great photos that I took.  I also don't understand what is going on with me email.  Nothing has changed and I confirmed by redoing all my settings.



2.3.4 Android

2.1 HTC sense

2.11.605.5 (software number)