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Thunderbolt is simply put, a crappy phone

I do not understand why it is so difficult to get a smart phone that just works.  This is my third.  Previously I had an iPhone 3G with AT&T that ultimately led me to leave AT&T and switch to Verizon.  Problems I have:

1.  Cannot use phone in traditional manner, have to use speaker phone or bluetooth.  If I hold the phone to my ear, the heat from my ear or side of my face will cause the "END" button or "MUTE" buttons to be pressed.  I have ended up hanging up on countless clients with this. 

2.  Similar to the problem above, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to type because it appears the screen is heat sensitive.  I always run hot, and merely hovering my finger above the keyboard causes it to type characters.  What used to take me 5 seconds to type a simply text on another phone takes me a minute on this one, with having to go back and erase the incorrect characters.  If I turn off the autocorrect it simply is mispelled.  If I leave autocorrect on, it comes up with a word nowhere close to what I was trying to type.

3.  Apps and/or folders will not open.  The folders especially have been a issue as of late.  I have been having to reboot my phone on average of 3 to 4 times a DAY just to get the friggin folders to open that contain my apps.  I know I can go through other menus to get to them, but why should I?

4.  Periodically, the phone decides it will not connect to either wifi or 3G/4G.  I again have to reboot the phone as it will display a no network error message anytime I try to use any service that requires a connection, including text messaging, email, loading a website. 

5.  A couple times a week the phone will just lock up and reboot itself.  It takes a LONG time to reboot, and of course if the sound was on, will play an obnoxious thunderstorm sound, which is always much appreciated when in a clients home.

6.  Not sure if this is Verizon related or Thunderbolt, but the quality of the voice mails I receive through Visual Voicemail is horrible (that I have to pay for, which was a bit of a shock when I signed up being that it was free on my iPhone with AT&T).  I have to listen to messages 5 or 6 times just to understand what the person is saying sometimes.  The sound is scratchy and simply not clear.  If I call up the voicemail service, the sound is fine, so it is NOT the people leaving messages. 

7.  This is not a knock on the phone, but Android I guess.  This phone attempts to push updates just about every day.  If I do not update, things will sometimes almost immediately stop working.  I will HAVE to update in order for things to work.  I understand that over time, old versions would be phased out, but it appears if I do not update right away, I will not be able to use certain apps/functions.

There are more things I am not thinking of right now, but these above are enough for me to say that I am most definitely NOT happy and find this phone to be a total POS.  I had high hopes for it, but it has been nothing but a headache from day 15, the day after I was not allowed to return it and exhange for something else.  Go figure. 

So the question remains, is there any phone out there that will just work?  Will work as designed, and not create more headaches then its worth?  The fact that you get locked into a 2 year contract is so absurd.  I cannot imagine if I treated my customers like that how quickly I would be out of business.  I would gladly pay $100 over the price of a new phone to switch, but sadly I cannot.  I would have to pay full price which, with most phones, is obscenely priced.  So I guess I get to just deal with the BS with this phone for another year because the only solution Verizon MIGHT have for me is to swap my crappy POS Thunderbolt with another crappy POS Thunderbolt, and a used one at that.