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Verizon Rhyme ICS Update

I am wondering if we are ever going to see an update to the HTC Rhyme to Ice Cream Sandwich. I realize at this point, that many devices are well past this but this is my last phone on Gingerbread and I'd like to see if HTC & VZW are going to stay good to their promise to update this phone. Everything hints that the update is somewhere, just not on our phones. First, HTC & VZW stated that the phone would get updated:

In fact, the Rhyme and the Incredible 2 are the only two devices on that list to not be updated as of this writing. Next, HTC released ICS for the Rhyme...the GSM, international version of the Rhyme (albeit silently and not OTA, but it was released):

Finally, when the last software update came out, it only removed a couple of pre-loaded apps from the phone. But if you look closely at the picture of the Rhyme on this update page, it is in fact, running Android 4.0 ICS with HTC Sense 3.6:

So this tells me three things:

  1. There was an official announcement that ICS was coming. There was never an official announcement that it was NOT coming so I'm still waiting. As minor as it may seem, it would put me at ease to hear "No" rather than wait hopelessly.
  2. The ICS update is definitely possible. If it works on an international HTC Rhyme, it should work on our CDMA devices just as well, if not better with America's most reliable network backing it.
  3. The ICS update is sitting on somebody's hard drive somewhere at VZW. The image in the last link didn't come from outer space. There were clearly plans to release this update but it was either scrapped or is still hanging in limbo.

So, I think that over a year after the announcement, it would be worth it to hear *something* since the promise is still technically dangling in the air. Ball is in your court VZW! Smiley Happy

Re: Verizon Rhyme ICS Update

I've replied because I'm also immensely interested in this issue. I don't want to leave my Rhyme behind just yet (mostly because it seems all of the phones Verizon's currently offering that I could get to replace it look like crap), but the OS is getting increasingly out of date. I'd like an update on this "promised" update; I've considered taking drastic measures to update the phone and am only not doing so at the behest of my IT guy who says bad things would happen if I did so.