What does this error message mean?


Please ignore the insane amount of k-pop vids, I'm in love with So Nyo Shi Dae xD. That aside, I just received that error message and I uploaded the video the way I did most of the others. The ones following that video with the error message were synced through HTC Sync. I'm not sure if the problem occurred only because I started to use HTC Sync or not but any insight into this problem would be great.

Also, I seem to be having issues with batter drainage. I work at an electronics retail store and carry my phone in my back pocket. Two days ago, for some odd reason, my phone's charge naturally went down to 50% but then it was a matter of minutes before my phone was completely dead and the device felt hot. It makes no sense for my phone to do this BECAUSE I'm carrying it in my pocket because I've done it since I started working there. I've done basic trouble shooting for all of the issues I've been having with my phone. The only thing I haven't done is a factory reset. I'm hoping that'll be a last resort. What's draining my battery and how can I fix it? And what does the video error message mean?


I forgot to mention that I cleared out some old apps and temporary data but checked my sd card storage space to be sure I had enough room for the video and I still have about 2.3GB left.

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Re: What does this error message mean?
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StephAnnDLC, thanks for posting. Are you still having issues with the videos? How about the battery issue? Have you tried this http://bit.ly/102vuCF and retested?^SP