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When you purchase the HTC Thunderbolt, and you should purchase one!

Make sure while purchasing the HTC Thunderbolt you purchase the extended battery too.  The life of the original battery is about a day and the extended battery is about  three days.  Also, purchase the screen saver at Best Buy called Invisible SHIELD by ZAGG.  If you are looking for a Bluetooth ear piece, the Blue Ant with text reading is working very well. If you are wanting to use video/talk the SKYPE did not work but the YAHOO Messenger and YAHOO Plug-In works very well. 4G is in the Savannah, GA area, but being worked on and hopefully will be up and running soon.  3G on the HTC Thunderbolt is very fast but the YAHOO video/talk works better on 4G.  All-in-All I really love the HTC THUNDERBOLT and would highly recommend you buy one!!!