Wont' send Pic Messages

I am suddenly unable to send picture messages from my HTC Rhyme. I get and error that says "No support for 640x480 under the restriction creation mode" It will let me send low resolution pictures, but that is not good enough. I haven't changed anything since the last time I was able to send pics. I have checked for software updates, reactivated my phone, done a factory reset, cleared all temp files, and made sure there is enough space on my memory card. But still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Re: Wont' send Pic Messages
Customer Service Rep

Hi there Cmae82!

Sharing your life in HD quality is an awesome feature! Let's get you back into clicking away in HD.

When you're trying to send these photos, what type of signal indicator are you seeing on your phone (1X, 3G, Wi-Fi)? 

Are you able to send the high resolution photo via email? The file size over 3G for a picture message does have a limit and it may be meeting that limit based on your description.

Try email out for me and let me know how that works!


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