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call problem with new Rezound

I switched from Droid to Rezound a week ago. Never had any problem with OD. But for the Rezound, I have big problems with incoming calls. many times, the calls just go directly to my voice mail. The phone doesn't ring at all. Sometime when someone left a message, I don't get it. No notification from the phone at all. The worst part, when I check my voice mail, nothing is there. Sometime, when the call did come through, I can't hear the caller. All I hear is some clicking sound, or, sometime high pitched noise.

I already had a brand new replacement and also changed a SIM card. But the problem is still there.

I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem? Any help is highly appreciated.

Re: call problem with new Rezound

wow this problem is still around after all these years! I am not surprised.

This i believe is the same problem when you get delayed text messages, or a whole bunch of text come all at the same time.

It has to do with the phone not receiving the signal, even though it says you got signal. This problem started around 2007. This is about the same time a new cdma chipset came out. Hmmmm see where this is going? I have complained to VZW about this before, and they seen the issue, but, they could not explain it.

I personally think it is a chip-set issue of some type, or a combination of chip-set/network settings that cause this, this is all purely speculation on my part, but, since it only happened to phones released in 2007 and newer, it sounds fairly sound.

The problem is totally random, and no event that I can figure out makes a difference. So need to start a network ticket so they can be aware of the problem, not that it will be fixed, but i dont know what else to say

Re: call problem with new Rezound

I had no problems receiving calls. Keeping them was my problem. Never had dropped calls with any cell phone I've ever owned, dumb or smart, that is until I got the Rezound. Before the 14 days was up, I swapped it out for an LG Spectrum. No more dropped calls. If you're within the 14 days trial period, I would definitely advice you to look at other phones. I should mention that I really love the LG Spectrum.