unknown sim card

Aside from Verizon being unhelpful and trying to sell more services...

I need to unlock my phone, HTC One. I have put in international sim cards and local ATT sim card, local Tmobile sim card... they all say unknown sim card when inserted to my phone. I have tried calling tech support and they said they unlocked it on their end. BUT it is not unlocked.

I need someone competent and not give me the go around. At this point, I am upset being lied to and don't want to deal with people who don't know and says phone is already unlocked when not because that is what they said at first until I told them of what it says.

I bought this phone from Verizon at full price, under no contract. It should be unlocked but it is not. The booting screen says it is locked as well.

I called while overseas to have it unlocked and they said I need to be back in USA for that. So I am back. Can someone unlock the phone so it doesn't say unknown sim card.

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