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wired microphone problem

I have a microphone headset that I plug into the headphone jack on the phone that also has a splitter to carry the sound through the car's auxillary input but the icon that appears on the notification bar only shows a headphone and not a headphone with a mic. If I try to use the microphone the phone takes the input as telling it to play music instead of accepting voice.  When a phone call comes in I can hear the person through the speakers (like I want to do) but they can't hear me through the mic so I have to hold the phone up close to my mouth.


I had this problem prior to the first over the air update from Verizon but after the first update the icon showed up correctly on the notification bar but it still started playing music instead of accepting voice and no one could hear me on the mic during phone calls.  I hoped the second update would fix this but instead it changed the icon back to a headphone only icon and still plays music when I hit the talk button on the mic.


Does anyone know how to get a wired microphone to work with the Thunderbolt and have it go through your car stero?  It works perfectly fine with other phones but not the bolt.  I have followed a similar thread about this on HTC's forums but the only real solution anyone had was to get a bluetooth transmitter which I don't want to do.  It's really frustrating trying to be hands free when I can't.


I have tried using bluetooth butI haven't been able to find a bluetooth headset that works correctly and allows me to run the sound from the phone through the car stereo over the auxillary port at the same time.  I love this phone except for this one issue; well that and the lack of gingerbread but that's for another time.