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HTC One M8 Marshmallow update added frustration

I was hoping the Marshmallow update would fix a lot of issues, now I'm regretting it.

Notifications "Connected to WiFi" and "Wireless Networks Available" and "Location found" keep popping up no matter what I do or uncheck or turn off anywhere, and now there's a new "HTC BoomSound" notification while listening on my speaker, which I do a lot, and I can't even turn off BoomSound, so I see no need for that notification.

"Select all" is now gone from long-press text, and I have to tap the three-dot button to see it. Why? Was that option confusing users? The iPhone and iPad always show it, and I thought those devices were better for simpler users. Suddenly something I use often is more complex.

The Settings/Quick Edit buttons are switched at the top of the pull-down bar; what? Why? They just decided to reverse two buttons because they weren't reversed before?

I now get "Screen overlay detected" with Twilight running (which darkens or reddens the screen based on time of day) just to use the Messenger app from Google. [removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service] ?

I've only had it running for an hour and already I'm not seeing any benefit to the updates but seeing a ton of new problems, and I think some of them (the unstoppable WiFi notifications) are still Verizon's fault.

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Re: HTC One M8 Marshmallow update added frustration
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Help has arrived! Software updates aren’t supposed to cause issues at all. Let’s work on this together. Verizon Wireless works with HTC who does the software updates, as they are the manufacturer of the phones. I know you are questioning a lot of the re-layout/design of things & I wish that I could answer that for you, however that is something that HTC has changed. When you get the notifications "Connected to WiFi" and "Wireless Networks Available" and "Location found", are you doing anything on your phone at that time? Or does it randomly pop up no matter what you are doing on the phone?

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Re: HTC One M8 Marshmallow update added frustration

"Software updates aren’t supposed to cause issues at all." Um, I know; I wasn't assuming software issues are supposed to cause issues.

"HTC...are the manufacturer of the phones" Yes, I already knew that because it's an HTC phone.

The "Location found" notification is an Android thing; I know that because I've seen non-Verizon non-HTC phones do the same thing just as obnoxiously and persistently, and it happens when using anything using the GPS, Google Maps, or Google Location feature. I just want Verizon to see that it's getting in the way of a good experience for me.

The "Connected to WiFi" and "Wireless Networks Available" notifications have been happening since Ice Cream Sandwich on any Verizon phone, apparently because Verizon wants to keep pestering users to turn on WiFi, without realizing that most people already have it on by default (when they set up the phone) and generally remains on as most people don't even know how to toggle it or like to fuss with it anyways. These notifications are A) pointless, and B) in the way because they push important notifications down like text messages or missed calls or notifications from their apps. Everyone already assumes that WiFi is available and will auto-connect, there's absolutely no reason for these obnoxious in-the-way repetitive redundant notifications, and I wish Verizon would get a clue and disable them as it's part of the reason I've considered multiple times dumping Verizon for a carrier that gives me reasonable usage with my phone.

We're not idiots and shouldn't be treated like such, and the WiFi notifications punish everyone all the time because even if we connect to WiFi when one's available, the stupid "Connected" notification still pops up. For the people that know how to connect, they can already tell that they're connected with the status bar icon on the right side that looks like a WiFi icon; there's zero need for this redundant drop-down bar notification that takes up space in our normal notifications.