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Lollipop messed up my whole phone

Lollipop changed a LOT of my settings and most I got back to normal but now my phone is messed up in other areas.

1. No more green status bar at top while you're on a phone call.

2. From email notification, when you pull down the menu you can only preview the email, you can't delete it from the preview.  You now have to tap the email in order to get into it and delete it from there.

3. WIFI won't stay connected and when it losses the WIFI connection, instead of the WIFI with ! (exclamation, to alert you) it flashes instead of just staying in the status bar.

4. Now when you double tap the screen to wake it up, instead of going straight to the number pad to put in your pin to enter the phone, you now have to swipe up then the number pad will appear.  An added USELESS step.

5. BATTERY POWER SUCKS NOW!  Within an hour of being off the charger, it lost over 10% power.

6. The weather does not show up when you double tap to wake up the phone (next to the time).

7. Now on top of the low battery indicator (battery turning red and blinking) a battery shows up in the notification bar on the far left (why?  I know the battery is low I can see it blinking red).

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