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Serious HTC M9 issue

I am not sure how long this has going on, I have had myHTC M9 a few months but people have just started noticing the issue in the past week or so. Not all calls being made to my HTC M9 are getting through. Recently people at work have texted me asking why I am not answering my phone, it turns out it does not always ring when I get a call. It's like I never got a call.

Just tonight I I could not find my phone so my wife was calling it, she had to call FIVE TIMES before a call actually made it through to my phone and made it ring.

When the call does come through, it seems like the caller hears it ringing many times before the phone starts ringing on my end.

I have also noticed that the signal strength seems low to me. I see more than two bars.

Text messages seem to go through fine as far as I can tell.

What the heck is going on here? Anyone else having this problem? This is supposed to be the best cell network in the US!

This is obviously a serious issue! What good is a phone that only receives SOME of the calls??

Please help!

Marcus Mattingly

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