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2nd stb kills wifi -can anyone help?

I have 2 stb and a wifi router.  Stb1, tv1 and all wifi devices work great.  As soon as I turn on stb2 and tv2, all wifi devices lose their connection. It's repeatable.  I did all known reboots, diags, and cust service options.  I suspect an IP conflict, but don't know how to check it.  can anyone help?

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Re: 2nd stb kills wifi -can anyone help?

#1 if you assign any static IP addresses, be sure they are not in the range of

Define the following types of hardware?

STB models?

Wifi Router model?

If you are using something other that a Verizon supplied router. Exclude though 110 from your DHCP address distribution list, or use a different subnetwork such as 192.168.2.*.

More information is required regarding your hardware, and your configuration.

How to check your addresses.

To check your IP address of the computer that is working before the crash, go to a command prompt, and run ipconfig /all.

This will show what address your device is using. The TV hardware STBs and DVRs use 192.168.100 through 110.

Log on to your router and see if your PC shows as one of these addresses and says static. with admin as the user, and the serial number that is on the routers service label as the password. Unless the password has been changed.

Re: 2nd stb kills wifi -can anyone help?

Thanks for the reply.  Thru process of elimination, we figure out it was an xBox 360.  Even though it was powered off, it was still connected.  Physically disconnectiong it fixed the issue.  Still don't understand it all, but now were 100% wifi connected.