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ANOTHER PROGRAM GUIDE RANT - anyone from VZ out there ?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I went throught the process to become a contributing member (after I don't know how many years), because the revised program guide is really bothering me.

Lets sum it up - it wastes a phenominal amount of screen space . . . it takes an unusual amount of time to launch and is especially annoying in how long it stays on the bottom 1/3 of the screen when going back and forth between channels - that has to be the

worst part of it for me - going back and forth between channels, and waiting for the "box" to go away so I can watch the show.

Why is there all the blank space, and what space is used is useless information ?

You don't even need it - I know what channel I'm watching - it's on the DVR function window !

Is anyone from Verizon monitoring these posts - and if so, please weigh in on this issue - or better yet just admit that its not a productive idea and go back to the way it was before you broke it.

Those of us who have taken the time to even find a forum and discuss these things represent a a very small percentage of

the customer base who are ALL thinking and feeling this annoyance, but don't know what  to do or who to ask or who to tell.

Thank you for your time in considering my observations of the recent changes to the program guide.

Hope springs eternal.

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Re: ANOTHER PROGRAM GUIDE RANT - anyone from VZ out there ?

I too am frustrated at this much awaited improvement.  I could not agree more.  The marketing guys  are trying to tell us We are listens to  you. I hope they here this "reverse course. Now"  The reason we use the service  is to watch TV not a guide. The screen size is overpowering over 40%, The info in he guide is useless making it even more a distasteful experience. I spent hours trying to adjust the settings but they do nothing .  In order to get rid of the screen faster now I hit the exit button right after the channel loads. 

Re: ANOTHER PROGRAM GUIDE RANT - anyone from VZ out there ?
Enthusiast - Level 1

Informatio​n Bar needs to be smaller

or put it back its to big auful

Re: ANOTHER PROGRAM GUIDE RANT - anyone from VZ out there ?
Contributor - Level 1

I don't fault anyone for having their opinions, but it's almost like 1.9 came out of the blue. When in fact it has been out quite some time, we just are the last to get it. There have been many youtube videos in hd showing off the new guide so I knew what to expect when it finally arrived. Perhaps it would have helped to voice these complaints before they are done rolling it out and probably almost done with the next update.