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Anyone using the Vizio Co-Star (VAP430) with FiOS?

I was a pre-order customer and I've had it for several days and I finally set it up tonight but I have not used it too much yet.  I was wondering if there were others FiOS customers using this yet and wanted to share some thoughts and experiences.

I have not found a way to have it "discover" and present the DVR recordings on the Co-Star menus or any apps.  It is slick that it can find all of the Netflix and other content in addition to the FiOS content and then organize it with tiles for movies.  Does FiOS have a App to watch DVR content yet?   

I only had a little time tonight to experiment but it seems to be a good addition to one of the many HD TVs we have.  I also have two Motorola NIM100 units to get 10Mb/s wired connections at two locations so we don't waste WiFi bandwidth when streaming content. 

I have the latest IMG 1.9.x, and two QIP7232-2 plus more digital boxes for the multiroom support.  We used to have 3 QIP7232-2 but it was too many!

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Re: Anyone using the Vizio Co-Star (VAP430) with FiOS?

Hi did you ever figure out how to get this to work?  I can see shows from netflix, hbo, etc but even when watching live TV I can see a dvr button in the menu but when I press it nothing happens.