Bridging Connections
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What does it mean to bridge connections?

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Re: Bridging Connections
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The idea of bridging connections is that you are creating a connection between two networks. From a practical standpoint, this often comes into play when you have some wired network devices that are located where you don't have a wired connection. If you have wireless WiFi available there, you can get a bridge device. This creates its own little network that the other devices can plug into, and then it uses the WiFi connection to build a bridge to the rest of your network.

Wikipedia has an entry that probably has a lot more detail than you want to know. If you want to share what it is that you're trying to do, we can see if we can help you figure out how to do it.

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Re: Bridging Connections
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To clarify something, when you bridge two devices together it means they are on the same "wire" or broadcast domain.  Most times when you bridge multiple devices you want the IP addresses to be on the same network so all devices can talk to each other.  

As an example we have the Verizon Router.  The WAN port goes to the Internet and then on the LAN port there could be a connection to another router.  Instead of plugging into the WAN port of the second router you would plug into the LAN port of the second router.  This type of connection is considered bridging.  In this example you would want to disable DHCP on the secondary router so the Verizon router will give out IP addresses and allow communcition to the internet.

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Re: Bridging Connections

Ok, I want to add a second router for an access point (Faster N Router). So I would Put it in bridge Mode and connect one of the LAN Wire from the Verizon Router and Connect it to a LAN Port on The Wireless N Router I want to Connect to it ? Also Disable DHCP on the Second Router so the Verizon Router will give out the Ip Address.

So if I do this Correctly The Verizon Router give out IP Addresses and It wil be able to see all the Connections ?

Also does it give out different IP Addresses to Multipule Wireless Devices ?

right now I have the Verizon Router's wireless disabled and my N router connected to it Via LAN(VZ) to WAN Port (N Router)

and the N Router is giving out its own IP's. Which everything works Except I cant Use VZ's Fios Streaming from My Computer to a TV.

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