Bridging a Westell 9100EM Router to a Netgear N600
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Hello there,

  I was wondering if there was a way to turn my Westell 9100EM Router into an access point/bridge, so I can setup my Netgear N600 Router to work as a client, so that the signal is evenly and more furtherer spread across my house. I am an intermediate when it comes to networking, so a step-by-step would be heavily appreciated. Thank you! 

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Re: Bridging a Westell 9100EM Router to a Netgear N600

If you have FiOS TV service, then you shouldn't bridge it.  Verizon interlaced so many TV features into the westell router that it would probably put a damper on your FiOS TV experience.

These features include

  • The Guide System and Updates
  • The Video On Demand
  • The Widgets
  • Caller ID on TV
  • Multi Room DVR 
  • Remote DVR 

So if you have FiOS TV, don't bridge.  Instead you CAN piggy back the router, and get the same affect. Follow the instructions below.



If you don't have FiOS TV service, then Check Which Wan LIGHT is lit on your router.


If you have just the ETHERNET WAN lit, then just simply release your ip address of your westell, disconnect it and plug in your router.  Configure it for DHCP and you should be good to go.

If you have Coax WAN Lit, then you can make a choice.

  • You can hook up ethernet cable from the Verizon ONT directly to your router. Call Verizon and ask them to switch you to ethernet (online chat also might be able to help you do this)
  • You can try bridging the modem using one of the methods listed in this FAQ
Re: Bridging a Westell 9100EM Router to a Netgear N600

This was posted by another user. 

One of the guys listed a simple solution which worked for me. I'm using Netgear WNR3500 with a desktop, homeserver, PS3 and laptop connected to it. I placed the Netgear router in the DMZ by its IP (as given by 9100EM)(should be safe as the 9100EM handles traffic security) and voila - it worked. The only other step was to connect the LAN 1 to WAN on the netgear (beforehand of course). Everything works nicely, and speeds are exactly at advertised levels ~19.5 down and 5.5 up (20/5 package). VOD, widgets and even remote DVR all work. I did not have to change any single setting on my netgear, except that when I logged-in into it, it announced that it automatically changed its IP to to avoid conflicts with other router - pretty cool in my opinion. The only other change on the 9100EM was to disable wireless.