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Can I Run Wireless Network and Separate Single Wired Connection?

I've got a wireless network running in my house with a Verizon-supplied router.  The computers downstairs all work fine.  However, my computer, which is upstairs, has had regular problems connecting with the network.  I bought an extender, and for the most part it works fine.  But any time we take a power hit, the extender has to be re-set to the wireless modem and re-set to my computer.  Which is a pain.

So my question is: can I keep everyone else on the wireless network, but set up a stand-alone wired router for my computer?


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Re: Can I Run Wireless Network and Separate Single Wired Connection?
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assuming here that you have a cable drop upstairs (like the one downstairs where the thick cable goes to the router and the set top box for TV). IF you do, then yep, you can use a separate router.

Get a device called a MoCA adapter and plug the router in to it. Most routers will reset them selves b/c suddenly it'll see the same addresses being used and it'll reconfigure (netgear likes to use as their default for reconfiguring for example).

Here's info on the MoCA:

this is one that I've seen in use by Verizon here in TX (its even branded Verizon).