Deleting a "ZWave" Device
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One of my window/door sensors was damaged when I recieved it.  When I set it up, I was unable to sync it to the gateway.  SInce it was unable to connect, it was listed as a zwave device.  I received a replacement sensor and was able to synced it without any problems but I can't delete the erronous zwave device.  Is there a way to delete this device so it no longer shows under my device list?  I know I can list connected devices but I can't find any information on how to delete devices that are listed but not connected.


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Re: Deleting a "ZWave" Device
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First, how do you "program it" or get it into the system. For example, to install a dimmer, you tap the button on the gateway and then activate the device (aka hit the switch on and off)

How does a wimdow sensor work?