G1100 Incompatible Printer - Wireless Networking,

 BLUF:  Requesting to coordinate with an engineer, in order to help submit a fix for problematic Samsung SL-C410W color laser that will not connect.

I recently received a Quantum Gateway G1100 to replace my MI424WR.  Everything ran and connected smoothly, to include one Samsung ML-1865W Wireless printer.  My Samsung SL-C410W wireless would not connect wirelessly.  After days of testing and troubleshooting, I made the assumption that the printer wireless network card was failed and twice....yes TWICE, sent it in to Samsung where the error (or lack of connectivity) could not be duplicated (Thank goodness, it was under warranty).  I spent hours looking at settings and then had the idea to utilize a wireless Netgear Powerline adapter, which pushed the signal (I used a different SSID).  The printer was successfuly found (via the Netgear Powerline adapter) and works flawlessly on the network....

So why do I write?  Well, something obviously isnt working the way it should....I shouldnt need a Netgear Powerline adapter to get my printer to install on the network. 

Thanks for the time!. 

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