Galaxy S3 won't connect to DI-624 router

Just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3 but when I got home found that it would not connect to my Verizon-provided home router (DI-624).  Signal strength is great; it sees the network and tries to connect, but always fails to get an IP address (DHCP is enabled) and then declares the network to be out of range.  However, it connected at the Verizon store and connects to my neighbor's network across the street (range about 100 feet).  Meanwhile, I have two laptops that connect to my network with no problem.

Router: D-Link DI-624

Hardware version: C3

Firmware/Date: 2.50DDM / 09 Sep 2005

Everything in router set to default.

I tried to update the router firmware with version C firmware from D-Link and got a file incompatibility message.  Turns out that the "DDM" means that the firmware is some kind of verizon custom job which will only upgrade to new firmware from verizon, which I can't find.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Galaxy S3 won't connect to DI-624 router

You need to go into the router, get to this page and then experiment with the Wireless Channels.  Verizon doesn't do firmware updates for that router.  In fact if you called verizon they would gladly give you a new actiontec router.  In most area's they are doing proactive router replacements.  

Select WPA-PSK

Once on that page, change your wireless channel.  Try channel 1, 6 and 11 and your Galaxy s3 should connect on one of those channels.   Also make sure you are using the right SSID and Passphrase from the same page, and while there, you might as well bump it up to WPA PSK for increased security, but that last one is optional. 

Re: Galaxy S3 won't connect to DI-624 router

Not sure what service you have, but a new router should improve your performance.

" In fact if you called Verizon they would gladly give you a new actiontec router."


You may even be able to just do this in a chat. No call required. May be faster, if you get tech support and tell them you are still running a DI-624, and are having issues.