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This is a board for Verizon’s Home Monitoring & Controls.

Home Monitoring & Control allows you to choose from a variety of easy-to-install home automation and energy management features that can be controlled remotely from your computer, smartphone, or FiOS TV. You can adjust your thermostat, see where the most energy in your home is being used, see what’s happening in your home remotely, lock and unlock your doors and much more.

Want to learn more? Check our our Meet the Expert Session with Ann Shaub, director of Home Monitoring & Controls, or visit the Home Controls website.

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Re: Home Monitoring & Controls

This would be much better if it were not a propietary system with a very limited number of devices. Z-What? Like -X10 or other systems use, it would be nice to have graphics, addressable wall switches/dimmers. Perhaps interface adapters or consols to third party devices. Many of us have cameras, and existing devices. I don't think I will be purchasing one of these systems unless you open it up a bit. I worked for an energy management and controls company for 15 years, you need more non proprietary options for those tech types that may have stuff now.

Sorry I was not able to join the session with Ann.

Re: Home Monitoring & Controls

Need some other features for controls. For example, a timer for lights so if a door sensor is tripped, a light comes on the off afer a period of time. Like the other response, features such as the X10 software.  I do like the easyness of setup