Home Monitoring and Control with a third party also monitoring and controlling?

I was wondering if anyone has tried to install Home Monitoring and Control with a third party monitoring, and or controlling the same devices. I know many systems offer multiple control points such as auxilary control touch screens. Has anyone made this work? I have Z wave devices on my home security system (lighting), and would also like to monitor them via Verizon. Possibly also adding some energy monitoring and control, that is not available via my security company. My security monitoring company provide support through Alarm.com, but has limited energy monitoring to thermostat control and such.

The only interactive control with my security company is for alarm monitoring and control, with limited lighting control. All of my devices are GE in the wall mounted lighting controls, and I would prefer to pay Verizon the few extra dollars for the additional features VIA the web, rather than pay Verizon. There used to be an energy package, that included the main power panel load and I thing Thermostat, but I believe some of the bundles have been split up.

There are other options out there now, but I have neen exploring. My GE Switches are from the Lowes Iris system. Much less expensive, and can replace existing wall switches, not like the power cord switches. Plus the store is four miles from my house.

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Re: Home Monitoring and Control with a third party also monitoring and controlling?
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I started with Verizon home monitoring, but if you read through the threads the service is extremely unreliable, still to this day. I am stillusing it, although I am waiting for a refund on the services that I have used since it is so bad but I bought a MiCasaVerde Vera3 system.  You pay appoximately $300 for the unit and there is no monthly charge and you get all the features plus pretty much unlimited types of z wave devices to use on it. I would seriously consider using that before Verizon.