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Had Home Monitoring for 2mths. When u go to view recordings, sometimes it says, "unable to view". When u do view, the recordings seem to skip, not showing all the recording. Customer Service says she will connect me with "Tech Support". I told her just cancel the service, I didn't want to be on hold for 20 minutes and then be told they will have their "HIgh Tech. Support" contact me in a couple of days.(Been thru that before). Also u can't download recordings without a subpoena.

You can purchase security systems that u can have full control, even thru the internet.

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Re: Home Monitoring
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Beend doing battle with Verizon ever since i got the system over a year ago . Mainly the Video end.  I think i should be paid for being a a beta tester.  They did comp me 2 months this past go round but i have been with out Updated Recordings for almost a week. Talked to tech support yet again about it... then escalated me to super tech support.  No word back.  They obviously released this service way to early.  Just not ready for prime time.    Good Luck