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Is there anything being done to improve this app?  When it works it is the best APP ive ever had  to use.  Im waiting to see if it will be improved as I am looking to move all of my AV equipment to a central closet.  Since it runs on wifi and not line of sight, If this APP were to be more dependable it eleminates the need for RF/IR extenders or a more expensive house automation (Control 4/Lutron which will require wiring) solution as it allows me to selcect the STB im using where ever I am in the home.  As it stands...I have to refresh the STBs everytime I want to use the remote or open the app.  Even THAT would be tolerable but the refresh process is not quick. ALSO upon refreshing I get messages like "No STB registered" referesh again and 2 of the 5 boxes may show up, refresh again and im back to no STBs, refresh again  (actually its "retry") and they all come up. Then once  choose a box and change the channel I have to back out and go back in again to switch boxes (i have multiple boxes/screens in the rec room so i do this often) and the retry ordeal starts all over again.

Whether or not this is an easy fix, or the fix lies with Apple, Verizon, or the APP creator im not sure.  But enroute to home automation i would think the feature most would use more often than changing a thermostat or turning the lights on and off is the TV remote.  If i cant get the TV features to come up every time (even though the two technologies may be unrelated) I wouldnt trust the system to run anything else.

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